VIQ Ch 8 cargo equipment related observations

Dear ITOSF fellows, below two VIQ Ch 8 (chemicals) questions comes quite often as repeated on our records, mainly due pressure / vacuum sensor faults (on board cargo being high viscosity), or the level alarms and remote level gauges not functioning properly.  

8.29    Are the cargo system tank pressure, temperature, and level gauges in good order and is there
         evidence of regular testing? 
 8.30    Are the remote and local temperature and pressure sensors and gauges, in good order and is
         there evidence of regular testing?

I wonder whether any of you developed standard contingency measures, if such equipment fail, so that crew would be able to better respond? Of course we do say to vessels to fix a pressure and vacuum gauge and monitor manually, or use portable tapes, or slow and single discharge the tank affected, however there might be some better measures anyone would like to share?

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    Jul 28, 2013

    Ionescule, can you share your contact please?

  2. JayWalker
    Nov 10, 2013

    All, my current ship has a void space above the forepeak ballast tank. The only access to the forepeak tank is in the void tank. The sounding tube is closed and extends to the bottom of the forepeak ballast tank. My company has directed me to develop a method of inspecting the ballast water in the forepeak prior to deballasting. For the life of me, I can’t think of a proper way to inspect the water in the forepeak ballast tank. Has anyone run into this problem before?

    • MMishra
      Mar 12, 2014

      Hi Jay,

      The whole purpose of checking ballast water surface just prior to pumping out is to ensure that it is no contaminated by any oil from adjacent cargo / fuel tanks. Now in this case, there should be a cofferdam between the fore peak tank and No.1 cargo tanks. If this is the arrangement, there is practically no possibility of oil contamination of fore peak tank and hence, such a monitoring arrangement is unnecessary.

      Assuming, your vessel doesnt have a cofferdam between FPT and cargo tank, even then making a man entry in to fore peak void for checking ballast surface is unnecessary and unacceptable risk !.

      Kind regards,
      Mayank Mishra

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