ECDIS Back up arrangement

In view of the forthcoming ECDIS as primary system and as part of the each company’s ship specific risk assessment is to decide on the back up arrangement  whether this will be a second independent unit or paper charts.The following back-up options are generally accepted as meeting SOLAS carriage requirements:

1.For ships using ECDIS as their primary means of navigation (no paper charts), an additional and independent ECDIS shall be
provided as a back-up. The back-up ECDIS should be connected to an independent power supply and connected to systems
providing continuous position-fixing capability.When the ECDIS is being operated in Raster Chart Display System (RCDS) mode using RNC data due to lack of suitable coverage of electronic navigational charts (ENC), then an appropriate folio of up-to-date paper charts must be maintained for areas where only raster chart coverage is available. That means  for ships using ECDIS as their primary means of navigation, paper charts may still need to be carried in order to comply with the new carriage requirements for ECDIS, particularly if the ECDIS is being used in RCDS mode for certain parts of the voyage. The IMO performance standards require that for ships navigating in areas where only raster chart coverage is available, the ship must have an appropriate folio of up-to-date paper charts. Moreover is the industry view that paper charts is a safer approach as back arrangement for crew training/familiarization transition period?
 It would be beneficial to exchange few thoughts on the above matter and share the industry approach on  this issue. Have companies decided on paper chart as back up arrangement or ECDIS unit?
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